CPA Firm

We count people, not just numbers

Rosenfelt, Siegel & Goldberg offers services in every area of traditional accounting and tax preparation. Yet, while some accounting firms function like number-crunching factories-especially around tax time-we realize that businesses are no more generic than their owners. Getting the best results requires that every small business be treated uniquely, and that every financial decision must be made to address your specific financial needs. 
Firms that take the "bean-counter" approach to financial services often treat their clients like...beans. A bean doesn't care who it meets with or who works on its account. At Rosenfelt, Siegel & Goldberg, we're dedicated to providing responsive, confidential service, and the highest caliber of work. We pride ourselves on dependability and timeliness, as well as creativity and strategic innovation. And we develop ongoing, creative partnerships with every client as we work together to help you reach your financial goals. As part of this approach, we pair you with a specific professional who personally handles your work, communicates with you on a regular basis, and understands your business and your financial needs. Having one of our partners personally handle your account gives us a unique bird's-eye view that, in some cases, has led to recommendations that provided highly substantial savings. 
Many of our clients have been with us for multiple generations, a testament to the sense of security and continuity that comes from dealing with the same partner and the same staff members over many years. At Rosenfelt, Siegel & Goldberg, you can count on getting a straight answer from the same person every time you call.