Who We Serve


Individuals & Multi-generational Families

At Rosenfelt, Siegel & Goldberg, we are proud of the consistency and longevity of our client base. Today, our clients include families who have trusted our services tracing back to the earliest origins of the firm. Our outstanding customer service has helped us not only retain our clients over the long term, but time and time again, later generations have been referred to us, resulting in a virtual family tree of clients who continue to turn to us for all of their financial planning needs, including:  

  • Accounting
  • Income tax preparation
  • Comprehensive financial planning
  • Education funding
  • Estate planning
  • Family wealth management
  • Money management
  • Trusts

Small Business Owners

As an owner or manager of a small business, you wear many—sometimes too many—hats. In addition to all of your responsibilities as a business owner, you may also find yourself closely involved with the everyday financial details of your business, and knowing exactly where every dollar in your business is at any given time. But knowing where you stand today is only the beginning of the story. Knowing where you want to go and how to get there determines how the story will end. 

That's where guidance from Rosenfelt, Siegel & Goldberg makes all the difference. We specialize in working with small and closely held firms like yours, providing strategic, tax-oriented financial planning for your business, your employees, and your family. We bring a fresh, knowledgeable perspective to every area of your firm's finances, giving you one less hat to wear.