About Us

The roots of Rosenfelt, Siegel, and Goldberg go back to before 1974. From our first days in business, we took a rather untraditional approach to client services. Rather than looking backward at the money our clients earned and spent, we knew that taking a proactive approach and helping each client plan for the future made more sense.

As our business grew and the needs of our clients evolved, we took this innovative approach a step further, branching out into trust and estate planning work in the 1980s, and finally in 1999, two of the partners added managed investment services through The Investment Center Inc. Today, the partners offer fully integrated financial services to every one of our clients—all built on our foundation of service, ethics, and a passion for what we do.

It's true that we take great pride in our financial skill and the value we deliver to our clients year after year. But our greatest pride lies in the level of responsive, confidential service we provide to every client, every day of the year. It is our service and commitment to our clients' success that truly sets us apart, and it's the reason multiple generations of families continue to rely on our expertise, our services, and our proven partnership.

Our partners offer individual specialties in estate and financial planning, accounting, and pension and benefit planning. From personal financial planning, to tax planning, to creative financial advice, we provide the specific expertise that aides us in an attempt solve a problem, avoid a problem or, in some cases, turn a potentially negative situation into a favorable one.

Using the latest software and productivity tools, we offer not only a complete range of specialties, but also some of the smartest, fastest ways to implement them. In other words, working on the leading edge of technology helps us save time and money—a benefit we pass along to you.